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true feelings and emotions.

Hey! What´s up? Did you by any chance google “Family photographer in Malmö”?! Well, you´re absolutely in the right place!

Storytelling is a very big part of my photography and my main goal is to tell your families personal story through my point of view and not limit myself to the usual family photography poses – the hours with me flows very smooth and natural. I´m social and fun loving and loooove to shoot kids – we never, ever know where we might end up! I´d love to tell your story.

I also do family sessions in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Who is the face behind

Tove Lundquist Photography?

Dokumentär familjefotograf i Malmö, Skåne, Österlen.

The short answer is a life-loving swede who loves photography, spending time by the ocean and of course my beloved family which consist of me, my husband and our two kids. Also, I am a big Sci-Fi nerd. I love nature and our apartment is full of flowers of all sorts. The long answer I will give you over a cup of coffee. Or tea. Whatever makes your heart sing. My heart sings for organic and Fair Trade whether it´s a big cup of coffee, tea or some warm yummy chocolate milk.




When do we need to book you?

Where do we have the shoot?

As soon as possible! Besides wedding I only take on a few family shoot each year. It is however alright to book me a couple of months ahead if you´re travelling to Sweden.

Wherever you want in Skåne, or we can meet up in Copenhagen! Depends on what you want to do and what your family loves to do! A day by the beach? A walk through a beautiful museum? A day at your house?

What do we do if it rains?


how about contract and invoice?


Either we find somewhere inside to shoot or book for another day. I´m flexible.

My contract is very easy and written in english. You can pay through both invoice, Stripe or Paypal.

Fotografering av familj på den populära stranden Klitterhus i Ängelholm, Skåne. Tove Lundquist fotograferar familjer i Oskarshamn, Småland.








One hour of photography

All images in high and low res

10 spreads in a 20x20 Fine Art album

One hour of photography

All images in high and low res

(ca 40)

One hour of photography

20 images in high and low res

13.500 SEK

10.500 SEK

6.500 SEK


Familjefotografering i Limhamn, Malmö, under sommaren. Foto: Tove Lundquist, familjefotograf i Malmö.
En somrig familjefotografering på stranden vid Klitterhus i Ängelholm, Skåne. Foto: Tove Lundquist, familjefotograf i Skåne.




Ashley + Christoffer

“Tove you out did yourself. Every single image in here I’m in love with. You nailed it, I honestly don’t have words. You mixed me and my loved ones so perfectly. You know I’m a sucker for my people and memories.

I’m so happy I have found you in my life, your work is truly exceptional. You’re never getting rid of us. I cannot wait to see how you get lille Henric! Tove these images are fantastic. Thank you so much!”

– Norrvikens Trädgårdar, Skåne

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